Why is Home Upgrade - Energy Upgrade California Program giving qualified Home Owners Rebate Dollars to Improve My Home?
The programs purpose is to reduce energy consumption by installing approved measures such as Windows, Attic and Wall Insulation, HVAC systems,Coolwall Exterior Coating and Cool Roof Systems to reduce your electrical use, Carbon Footprint and Home Safety. The investment in reducing your homes dependence on Electricity and natural gas allows for reducing the strain of SCE and So Cal Gas grid system.
Home Safety?
The program requires that prior to work starting that we check for gas leaks, carbon monoxide detection and installation of smoke and CO detectors, Fire and Safety hazards and that asbestos is present that it’s is removed or encapsulated by a certified removal company. It is a requirement of the program that your home is safe before work is started and after.
How is the rebate amount determined?
We come out and give you a free assessment, and based on your Home’s age, existing condition, current energy and gas use including what measures are selected we create a report with a modeling to determine the best product will improve you home performance.
How much should I expect back as a rebate?
The program states that you may be eligible to receive up to $6500.00, We generally see an average of $2500.00 but in some cases has high as $8000.00
Why should I use So Cal Contractors and Remodeling, Inc. 714-744-6800
We have the expertise in the field to ensure you get the quality you expect. A+ BBB rated,Buildzoom top 1% contractors in California. Home Depot Service Provider for 29 Stores, Orchard Supply Hardware Service Provider 11 Stores, Hero Program Top 2% and Certified Contractor, LBA award winner 2014, Home Upgrade California Advanced Program Contractor, Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, and The #1 Patio and Sunrooms Dealer for Metals USA. We are well diversified in every aspect of the business for Roofing, Insulation, HVAC, Coolwall, Patios and Sunrooms and Exterior Landscapes and Hardscape we will provide the exceptional service our customers have come to expect.